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Driving growth at Unilever

Marina Donna talks about her experiences of the Sevendots approach

The Challenge
Defining the opportunity and developing the strategy for driving incremental growth for a global brand
Evaluating the role of the brand and its current product portfolio
Defining new products meeting relevant consumer needs that can compete with competitive products
Key Findings
Identification of consumer needs that the category does meet and those it does not
Consumption behaviour patterns of the category compared to adjacent competitive categories
Occasions confirmed as valuable entry-point for brand and product development
Triggers for unlocking new occasions and better compete in existing occasions
What We Did
We put together a team of partners with highest accountability and reliability
We conducted a deep analysis of the dynamics of the client’s playfield, the key consumption moments, the key drivers and the key players
We went beyond the surface to bring fact and rational to ideas, combining analytical power with creative development
Recommendations for new product development to capture growth opportunities with ideas supported by facts, including country specific priorities
A rough monetising of the key opportunity
Visualisation of the opportunity
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