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Winning back the interest of young consumers

The national manufacturers association in a major European country required concrete initiatives to mobilise their sector.

Case contact: Giuseppe Rivano

The Challenge
There was a progressive decline of product sales among younger people
Identify and define clear solutions aimed at reversing the current negative trend in the sector
Key Findings
Our analysis of the relationship between the sector and the world of young people indicated some deep underlying problems due to the changes and trends impacting wider society
The identification of new factors affecting the values of this target group of consumers allowed us to define some platforms of intervention
The defined platforms took into account the main critical factors (barriers) and identified the possible activations (initiatives) to make this sector closer to the desires and needs of young people
What We Did
Analysed all internal and external sources
Prepared, drove and lead four interactive workshops with a qualified number of associates to engage industry experts and facilitate their contribution in the whole process
Visualized and described key outcomes to inspire and align all relevant stakeholders and create the best conditions for effective implementation
Elaborated, articulated and illustrated a set of concrete initiatives that can be implemented with the input of key industry stakeholders
These initiatives are intended to provide for breakthrough and intervention in the negative sector trend by working together with, and providing the association and its associates (collectively or individually) with, a set of effective actions and proposals to be developed and implemented
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