Our Process

Sevendots identifies concrete growth opportunities for brands and businesses through a systematic analysis of marketing and business information and by connecting with relevant internal and external players, to collect and structure all available knowledge. We align relevant stakeholders around the opportunity and actively support its implementation.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Businesses increasingly grapple with an abundance of information that comes from a multitude of sources, such as market research, social media, mobile & online behavior, distribution, retail etc. Data availability will continue to increase as internal and external information sources grow.

But having information doesn’t automatically mean having knowledge. On the contrary: an abundance of information often hides real insight.

There is also valuable knowledge with internal stakeholders and external experts that can contribute vastly to the identification of strong opportunities.
So when it is hard to see the forest for the trees, our mission is to shine a light on your business, connect the dots and ensure clear and well grounded opportunities are identified.

Make opportunities happen faster

Is your time to market fast enough, when you have identified a real opportunity?
New opportunities are the engine for growth. But once an opportunity is identified only half the job is done.
How can you make the opportunity come alive and convey the right level of urgency so that implementation time is reduced to a minimum and you get the full competitive advantage?
We align stakeholders through smart visualizations and engaging workshops that allow great interaction and boost the ability to transform opportunities into action.

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