Could less intelligent artificial intelligence provide more intelligence?

Could less intelligent artificial intelligence provide more intelligence?

How intelligent should artificial intelligence be?

Could less intelligent artificial intelligence, be a driver of how technology will develop?

You may be familiar with The Financial Times article discussing milk-buying robots which starts to hint at the level of complexity the future will bring.

The fact a fridge can order the milk on behalf of a consumer is something we can expect from advancements in technology.

But as devices more commonly become connected to the internet to perform everyday chores, it is likely they will also be connected to a means of payment.

With money at its disposal, a fridge could start to take decisions (individually or freely associating with other fridges) to reduce the cost of the milk; an idea which may open a legal debate…

  • Whose interest is the fridge acting in?
  • Who owns the savings?
  • Who owns the right to the fridge to associate with other fridges in the milk industry?

So maybe not allowing the fridge to make deals will be a more viable solution.

This is the same (even if it is starting from a different perspective) that will very likely be applied to driverless cars.

What would happen if a car, that is allowed to make very well thought out decisions, is put in front of an emergency? i.e. deciding whether to hit a baby or an old man if the situation arose.

At this level, artificial intelligence opens up a full debate about allowing a car to make a moral decision; the current orientation is to avoid that a car could do this.

Also driverless cars will technically be in the position to decide when to change their tyres and do other maintenance. In this case they may well have access to money and they would be in a similar situation as the fridge ordering milk.

So, in order to avoid a set of philosophical, legal and economic problems we may need to have less intelligent artificial intelligence or strongly upgrade our cultural debate making sure clear rules are established.