Brands are the lighthouses of the uncertain world

Brands are the lighthouses of the uncertain world

How can brands become more relevant to guide consumer choices?

Now more than ever the web provides infinite possibilities for consumers and businesses. However, more and more we are bombarded with offers, fed so much information and given so many choices that everyone tends to be more confused.

This creates an extraordinary opportunity for brands able to create a new vision of the future and to guide people though the chaos of the markets. Playing this role is like becoming a real lighthouse – in the turbulence of the ocean a lighthouse provides a simple guide to recognise the right and safe path to the harbour.

The role of a brand is to build a true relationship with people not only selling products and services but bringing more ‘sense to their lives. This is not necessarily new, but it’s time to take advantage from the fact that people are looking to new subjects (in addition to government and other institutions which are losing trust) that can bring a valuable contribution in facing the big challenges in front of the post-consumerism society (i.e.urbanisation, digital divide, easy access to healthcare, aging population, healthy diet etc.).

However, it’s not just a matter of being a good citizen or spending money on Corporate Social Responsibility. Brands must put the selected issues at the core of their missions and produce visible benefits for the people in partnership with the right stakeholders.

This will bring the brand out from the crowd, becoming true ‘sense maker’ recognised for its relevance and reputation and they will be rewarded for that.

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign or IBM’s ‘smarter planet’ are really good examples of this opportunity to become respected lighthouses to drive people’s choices.

Today, the scope for marketers should be to use all their visionary creativity to explore new possibilities, anticipating trends and looking for what we can call the ‘paradise regained’ – a world where we all look for ‘more value for money’, where profit is not the only target and companies/brands put the quality of life, for us and the generations to come, as the key driver for a global sustainable growth.


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