Brand Revitalisation in the European Confectionery Market

The Challenge

Declining sales over a lengthy period of time across multiple markets.

The brand was strategically important to the business and critical in delivering topline numbers.

Lack of alignment between countries about the underlying cause.

Concern over the future of the brand.

What We Did

Reviewed and connected internal insights across all sources and countries.

Integrated social media sentiment, buzz and YouTube comments.

Uncovered the underlying brand story.

Identified 4 potential ways to recover and return to growth.

Key Findings

Brand growth will be delivered by focusing on two key target groups.

Growth potential is in the hands of the Brand Team, rather than dependent on external factors.

Good potential to reverse decline, by focusing on a few key areas within reach

A significant number of engaged consumers waiting to be heard.

The Results

40+ category and country managers aligned through effective visualization and workshops.

Best in class analysis with highly recognised value contribution to the business.

Renewed confidence and vigour in getting the brand back on track to growth.