Developing an effective global positioning

The Challenge

Brand team was unsatisfied about growth results of Mumm brand, reflecting too weak an engagement within countries across the globe. A first hypothesis was the brand mix was not adapted to local consumers expectations and vision about Mumm Champagne.

What We Did

Screened and analysed all the components of the brand mix, globally and in the different countries where the brand is marketed

Captured internal stakeholders knowledge and expectations

Elicit consumers expectations vis-à-vis champagne categories, through ad hoc research

Understand Mumm brand specific assets and weaknesses, with comprehensive competitive review

Mapped the competitive environment, Mumm position and possible evolution

Identify positioning routes, supported by consumer insights, Brand qualifiers and differentiors, heritage and cultural roots, inspiring personalities

Key Findings

Main reason for the mix poor performance was due to unadapted positioning

A new positioning could help Mumm play in a much more promising territory

Mumm brand has a right to win in such new territory

The Results

New positioning –“Play Hard/Celebrate Hard”- brilliantly implemented in a breakthrough long lasting campaign by the communication agency
Double digit growth 18 months after Sevendots delivered the project