Identifying alternative effective supporting model for brand

The Challenge

Henkel Beauty has a broad portfolio of brands. One of them has a challenger position on the market but clear growth objectives, through an ambitious Innovation plan. How to convey the brand messages to consumers with a media budget far smaller than big

What We Did

Identify and analyse the structuring consumer trends in the Beauty industry, as regards to communication

Understand the evolution of media consumption by consumer cluster

Extract key learning from successful benchmark brands in the beauty industry, through key exec interviews

Identify and analyse Drugstores decision makers expectations when it comes to brand media support, with dedicated interviews

Develop different support strategy scenarios and shape them in dedicated workshop

Key Findings

An alternative support model was not only relevant but also more effective for the Brand

A mix of different media, coping with Drugstores expectations and ensuring a better consumer engagement, could lead to an improved performance of the brand

The Results

Brand team aligned on a detailed figures based media resources allocation

New support model now implemented with success