In-store experience design for a luxury beauty brand

The Challenge

The brand is a luxury fragrance, within a broad portfolio of beauty brands. The brand business model is consumer pulled and the first media for the brand are stores, but at the moment they hardly deliver the expected experience. What need to be fixed, and how?

What We Did

Observed and analysed 90 brands/stores in 5 countries across 3 continents, captured 450 detailed observations (competition, employees interviews, consumer experience, service, visual merchandising)

Reviewed and analysed main Competitors approaches

Interviewed key internal stakeholders

Interviewed Experts across the globe in retail, media and luxury industry

Reviewed and analysed existing supporting material and tool for the brand

Analysed relevant consumer trends

Key Findings

We identified clear gaps on 5 critical criteria defining the consumer experience: Demonstration, Service, Merchandising, Sales Associates, Furniture

We prioritised the criteria where the Brand could make a difference, and estimated possible ROI of such initiatives

We developed an engaging visualization of what future success could then look like in a store

We then detailed the expected experience for 5 different type of store, across 45 different criteria

The Results

Clearly defined consumer retail experience : Visibility, service, product experience and consumer engagement

A comprehensive toolbox to ensure consistency across different type of stores, breaking down from the ultimate experience to the minimum requirements