Strategy optimization by retail channel in the snack market

The Challenge

Category growth had stalled and brand share was in decline.

There was a lack of channel strategy with each retailer being approached with the same sales story.

There was a hypothesis that investing in a channel-specific strategy would yield greater returns but little evidence for this existed.

Would a more diversified strategy be sustainable longer-term?

What We Did

Conducted extensive stakeholder interviews, leveraged internal data sources and implemented external benchmarking of best practices.

Provided overall frame for understanding across channels and a specific portfolio offer per channel.

Identified key trends and opportunities for different retailers.

Clustered the retail channels in different typologies based on consumer and customer needs.

Identified optimal number of offers for the different clusters based on solutions available.

Key Findings

A better shaping of the channel offer would provide higher return that investment needed, and help revitalize the category.

Alignment of consumer and customer needs allowed identification of new growth opportunities for the category.

New product development opportunities identified.

The Results

A differentiated offer per retail channel and a clear mechanism to action it.

An implementation plan with specific priorities for action identified.

Client considered the work as the best exercise to simplify and motivate action across the organization.