Andante (2020)

About the artwork

This piece for Sevendots is an expressionism combining photography and sketches. The visual realism and patchwork bring in a broader space and possibilities for association.

WU Nianqiu has introduced green plants with a woven net to reinterpret Sevendots’ logo into a non-linear visual expression, challenging its two-dimension original design. This creation pays tribute to limitless courage and bravery which are anchored in beliefs and convictions, enabling breaking the codes and emancipating from hurdles and chaos.

About the artist

WU Nianqiu currently pursues his doctoral studies with oil painting at Xi’An Academy of Fine Arts. He has previously studied at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris and has obtained several awards, including Century Star Inter-Youth International Art Exhibition and Outstanding Young Artist Awards in Campus Art Exhibition (2016).

WU Nianqiu’s creations explore the possibilities and boundaries of a non-linear balance with the sensorial world. He is inspired by melody and poems.

With a special approach to colors, he says “When different colors collide with each other, it creates a poetic nuance of cloudy color, and unpredictable lines at the boundary.” Says WU Nianqiu

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