Inspiring people in 2014

About the artwork

‘Sharing’, ‘ideas’, ‘communication’ and ‘identity’: These are the words that inspired the development of Teodora’s work for Sevendots. It is a composition of seven life drawings; seven portraits that relate to the number contained in the Sevendots name. The faces have then been transformed, multiplied and overlapped to develop a ‘net of people’, which, at first glance, appears as a single image. The emerging idea is the one of a ‘twine of lives’, thoughts and realities connected among them which besides contributing to the collective perception, also retains their individuality.

About the artist

Teodora Pasquinelli, (b.1990) is a graduate of the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Art in Rome. “Art came into my life when I realized it was a means of creating and exploring new dimensions. Art gives me the opportunity to experiment with new paths and new ways of thinking, allowing me to integrate my experience with my thoughts and my vision of the world. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, ranging from photography to audio, from video to installations and from performance to sketching”

Professional Exhibitions:
March 2013: Video at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (MACRO).
March 2014: Audiovisual project called ‘Sweet Sixteen’ exploring the teenagers world in the digital generation.