Restful mind (2020)

About the artwork

Clémence’s drawings are often connected to Noirmoutier, a place she loves for its peaceful atmosphere. The artwork here depicts resting and reading.

Both activities (maybe despite appearances) are a source of creativity and growth. That’s why the Sevendots logo has been placed in a quiet and sunny scape in Noirmoutier.

About the artist

Clémence Renault is a French artist currently living in Marseille.

“Painting is a gateway to both contemplation and exchange and I feel I’m always in the company of who or what I am representing.”

With professional experience as a social worker, and combining a mix of illustration and traditional techniques, Clémence decided to explore her social horizons and take up drawing for relaxation, which soon became a daily activity.

After a few months, Clémence decided that she wanted to work as a graphic designer and illustrator and in 2016 July, qualified with a Masters of International Design, first exhibiting in Noirmoutier.

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