The Shed (2016)

About the artwork:

This short film is about the complex relationship between the natural and the man-made. It symbolizes generations of deforestation and industry. The shed represents the constantly changing industrious world created by man using the natural world to sustain it. The natural resources eventually run out and the shed collapses out of existence. However, the natural world does not rely on man and prevails once again. This film was a departure from our usual 3D stop motion technique into 2D. We put it together digitally to achieve a greater sense depth in the image.

About the artist:

Luke George and Alex Hancocks are an animator-directors team from the North and South-East of England. They work predominantly but not exclusively in stop-motion and are always looking to explore new techniques and mediums. Since graduating from Newport Film School in 2011, they have collaborated on numerous internationally screened projects. Luke and Alex are currently finishing their latest film, a music video for up-coming artist Christa Vi, which will be released in the new year.