The Space between two words is sevendots (2011)

About the artwork:

I looked for parallels, in shape and symbolism, to the Sevendots logo. I have chosen for the butterfly and the ammonite. The ammonite represents earth and the butterfly represents the flower.

Ammonite: The ammonite is a unique symbol of life on earth, showing its traces. At the ammonite, the proportion between the small ring and the large ring is exactly according to the golden ratio. We find this ratio often in nature, art and design. Art typically transcends reality; in that respect we could regard the ammonite as a symbol for an evoluting and inspired mankind.

Butterfly: the Greek name for butterfly is Psyche, it is also the name for human inspiration. It is a positive inspiration for change, wellbeing and immortality. The butterfly shows us how to find clarity in mental processes; for the identification or planning of next steps in our personal growth.

The tag line: “The space between two words is Seven Dots”. This is a well-known old rule in Morse code. Morse code is the earliest digital communication.

About the artist:

Piet Jetten’s work comprises oil paintings and sculptures. Piet is based in the east of Holland, in Nijmegen.