Under one roof (2013)

About the artwork

“When I was asked to make this design, I looked into Sevendots’ logo. I really enjoyed it’s playfulness: it has a striking design which works well as a logo but you can also see the flower which represents growing as well as a circle, which I interpreted as a symbol for community and team.
As Sevendots helps companies grow and develop I thought representing the logo as a house, where people live together, which can be renovated and built upon, could be a fun idea. I thought it could represent the company well and by adding a bit of quirkiness to the drawing, also the fun side of the business.”

About the artist

Hugo Yoshikawa is a French-Japanese illustrator based in London. He draws lined-based illustrations influenced mainly by Belgian “Bande Dessinée” comics. As a keen traveler Hugo bases a lot of his work on the theme of travels and architecture.