Forget Millennials, move on to Generation Z

Forget Millennials, move on to Generation Z

How do marketers adapt to generation Z consumers?

Well maybe let’s not forget millennials completely… they are still more than half of the world population and in few years their spending power will overcome the baby boomers’ and in 10 years they will represent the 75% of the workforce.

But millennials are very different to their younger siblings so we must look at generation Z in their own right.

Here some examples:

  • If millennials use on average two screens at a time, generation Z can be busy with five
  • If millennials love to share things and communicate with text, generation Z create things instead and talk through images
  • If millennials are optimists focused on the present, their little brothers and sisters are realists focused on the future.

Millennials and Generation Z What's the difference

So who are Generation Z?

Easy question with uncertain answer – change the source, and you will have a different definition (born as early as 1991, as late as 2001, or something in between – 1995). As a marketer, you would be probably interested in the older half of this generation (11 to 19 year olds).

So who are Generation Z?


Generation Z consumers are the first truly digital native generation. They played with smartphones and tablets as babies, while the millennials started to play with them at some point throughout childhood.

Generation Z consumers have been exposed since their early days to myriads of information on every topic, making them:

  • The most knowledgeable kids in history – they use digital tools (for the good or for the bad) giving them public exposure
  • The most impatient kids ever – they’re used to Google’s nanosecond answering time
  • Fearless and daring (creating companies or products with no need to ask permission or prove they have sufficient skills)
  • The self-directed generation – having everything at fingertips, they don’t need to rely on teachers or parents for explanations

Being bold and able to process quickly and autonomously big amount of information, will allow the generation Z to become smart working adults chasing independence.

In fact, if 72% of generation Z wants to start a business someday, 42% already plan it and 3% is already currently running it!

Generation Z is firmly convinced they can change the world for the better. However, they are not the kind of superheroes who can save the world that all the above could suggest.

Generation Z care about


How do marketers adapt to generation Z consumers? 

Marketers may have started to cope with the millennial challenges, but they now need to start to struggle with these new consumers that are generation Z. They need to run at their speedy pace, face their short attention span, join their entrepreneurial spirit, communicate visually with them, and last but not least give them a strong purpose to join and to fight for.