Five global marketing trends from the past five years

Five global marketing trends from the past five years

Happy birthday to us – here are five things we’ve learned along the way…

For five years we have been making opportunities happen for businesses.

Here’s what we learned about global marketing trends as grown up five-year-olds…

1. Consumers are citizens who expect more from their brands, not just the anonymous corporations who sell them.

  1. Social responsibility has become a brand matter driving preference.
  2. More active engagement, education and genuine impact is expected.


2. The demanding economy has forced brands to breach category walls as they blur into adjacent categories. 

  • Done well, it opens up new streams of opportunities.
  1. Done badly, brand equity pays the price.


3. Consumers no longer walk the common track beaten by brands.

  1. Instead they walk their own path, exploring a myriad of different touch points often inspired by fellow consumers.
  2. Put the consumer in the driver seat to optimize your channel strategy.


4. Consumers are going back to the future; valuing usage more than ownership.

  1. The collaborative economy is increasingly the new consumer mindset, with the stage set for brands leveraging the share price.


5. Businesses that have challenged existing relationships between consumers, customers, brands and manufacturers have taken a strong leap forwards.

  • Innovation starts where it feels uncomfortable.


We’re curious to get your feedback – which of these five global marketing trends do you think will impact your business in the next five years?