Millennials – the SuperMe generation

Millennials – the SuperMe generation

Millennials were born connected making them such a fluid generation…

Born connected means that today 67% of millennials use a smartphone to access the internet. They are never alone. They can always check for prices, brand stories, peers advice.

This generation is shaped by social media while the previous one was by MTV. They are inspired by the whole world, not only by the American culture.

Millennials are never fully mentally present in a single activity. They extend the same multi-tasking behaviour at university, at work, when they become parents and on any social occasion. They are never 100% dedicated – they always keep an escape dimension, they are fluid.

Millennials use a second screen when watching TV

The permanent search for what is good for me… now!

Born on a digital planet, millennials expect everything to be available on demand, whenever they want it, from their smartphone if possible. This obviously includes shopping but also travel, love, friends…

Immediacy also translates into speed of communication – email seems a 20th century tool. Rather than commenting on a blog or a Facebook page millennials prefer to share emotions by sending pictures via SnapChat, weChat, Pinterest and Instagram.

The only long term consideration that seems anchored in Millennials’ minds is preserving the Planet – 30% regularly consume organic food vs 15% of boomers.

How many Instagram users are there

Managing their visibility

Millennials invented selfies and manage their own visibility on social media. Does this mean the famous Andy Warhol sentence “In the future, everybody will (want to) be world anonymous for 15 minutes” could soon be turned into reality?

There is also a viewpoint that your own visibility on social media can be embarrassing and needs to be cured which this Last Night Never Happened Instagram campaign taps into.

What does this all mean for brands?

Here are some suggestions for how companies and brands can grasp this Fluid Generation:

  • Consider a dedicated organisation to interact with millennials, so as to introduce quick brand responses and new initiatives
  • Excel in anticipating and leveraging consumer trends, identifying real business opportunities

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More about the authors

This blog was written by international passionate marketer Matthieu Meheut alongside Colin McAllister who developed his career with The Nielsen Company and has a track record of constantly driving innovation.