What marketing consultants really do: The Evolution of Customer Journeys

What marketing consultants really do: The Evolution of Customer Journeys

What is the future of customer journeys?

A lot of companies claim to have a customer centric approach but for many it’s currently just buzz words and simply not true.

Companies need to gain more insight into the customer experience as this is quickly becoming more important. They need to find new and better ways to reach out to consumers and build real relationships.



Who is leading the way in this at the moment?

An internet provider based in Holland called XS4ALL are doing this very well. They take an extremely proactive approach in reaching out to their customers. For example, when a customer enters their website to solve a query they will reach out to you directly, giving you options of how you would like to be in touch with them such as email, online chat or even phone.  This is why they remain one of the biggest internet providers in Holland.

Is it possible for other companies to adopt this method?

This isn’t just possible for XS4ALL as an internet provider, any company could adopt this approach. I often get asked by companies about their customer journeys and how they can reach out themselves, showing there is a willingness to put the customer fist. Unfortunately it takes a real change of thinking to do this that many companies struggle with.

Does it benefit companies to be pro-active in their customer service?

Without a doubt it is beneficial to be pro-active in your approach. Whether you are providing internet, telephone or even financial services, most company’s products are similar so a positive journey can make all the difference in creating loyal customers.