THE PEDI PATH: Positioning, Evolving, Disrupting, Introjecting

THE PEDI PATH: Positioning, Evolving, Disrupting, Introjecting

Positioning, Evolving, Disrupting and Introjecting are the four possible Marketing strategies to prepare your product or brand to take advantage of Total Engagement.

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Total Engagement is how consumers respond when you satisfy the logics that rule their decision-making at a given point in time.

Let’s use the three logics presented by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies as the actual drivers for modern human society – Industrial Logic, Dream Society’s Logic, and Creative Man’s Logic – to illustrate the application of the PEDI Path.

Sometimes your product is ready for market and the only thing you need to do is tell a new story about it, leading the consumer to perceive that your product is what they are looking for.

Case Havaianas: This old Brazilian product was previously positioned as a very low priced shoe mainly worn for domestic tasks.  By merely changing the promise and applying new fabric, they were able to effectively reposition this product. So now, while it is still “industrial”, easy to find, and not that expensive compared with other fashion shoes,  the advertisements invite consumers to enjoy life (dream), and to choose from an infinite variety of models that can also be customised with one’s own personal touch as desired (creative).

Re-Positioning is not always enough for the success of a brand

It is not always possible, however, to succeed by re-positioning alone. Sometimes you need to go deeper and transform the product itself in order for it to better satisfy the new needs of consumers.

Case Nespresso: Coming from the instant coffee market and their more industrial-logic Nescafe brand, Nestle applied a creative approach to develop a new product capable of supplying the missing dream society logic.  By transforming their product and offering a great variety of flavours as well as fancy machines that allow one to produce frappés, macchiatos and cappuccinos, they have succeeded both in evolving their coffee into an emotional experience and in improving its creative appeal.

There are some instances in which you must really challenge and break through all the barriers.  You need to be disruptive and go where no one has gone before, beyond a classical re-positioning.

Disruption: Being different and as close as possible to the consumer

Case IBM: They practically reinvented the entire company from the ground up, based on their clients’ needs at a personal level as executives.  As a computer company built primarily on the industrial logic paradigm, their products proved to be less than competitive in the consumer market.  So they began to look more closely at the B2B market, where they were more competitive.  By adopting more of a B2P (business to person) approach, they began to attend to the professional and personal needs of senior executives as regards information technology. They have maintained the industrial appeal, but have also begun to promote a sense of caring and concern for the peace of mind that is part of the dream society logic. This approach, together with the promise of innovation and their commitment to build the future (creative), is not only about being new and high tech but also embodies a strong human approach.

Total Engagement inside the company is the key for success

It is also important to understand that these three logics are equally valid for your team.  You must strive for Total Engagement inside your company to keep your talent motivated and transmitting that spirit.

This means that the company must offer a positive work environment (healthy, hygienic and safe) and appropriate compensation (salary and benefits) to reflect the industrial logic, as well as stimulating and recognizing individual contributions to building the business, encouraging employees to exercise their creativity, and giving them an inspirational mission that can be reached through service to clients.

Cases: Facebook copies or buys anything that will engage people in social networks. They really live in the world of consumer engagement.

Apple was one of the first companies to add beauty to technology and to invite people to be creative by using their products, and they continue to do so again and again.  It is their philosophy.

And the people at Tata are constantly thinking about new ways to engage as well as taking care of the details of engagement as they did in their partnership with Starbucks in India.


You just need to ensure that the consumer is surrounded by the logics that are driving their decision-making process at that moment, and the result will be Total Engagement.