Vloggers: The New Frontier for Innovative Marketing.

Consumer products are everywhere. It seems as though every day a new exciting product is launched that promises to make your life magical bliss. Every brand has a clever, catchy commercial. Every brand has enticing shelf displays. So how in the world are you supposed to differentiate your product from that of your competitors’? Lean in, I’ll tell you the secret.


No, that’s not the name of a new children’s book by Dr. Seuss, but good guess. Vloggers are Youtube personalities with millions of viewers who voluntarily watch these vloggers talk about their lives. And guess what—they often talk about the consumer products in their lives. Are you starting to follow where I’m going with this?

Take Nikkie de Jager for example, or NikkieTutorials as she’s known by her upwards of 4 million viewers. Nikkie generated over 19 million euro’s of PR-value in just two months (Emerce, 2016-07-08, Anne de Waal). How did she generate so much cash you might ask? She filmed herself talking about products. Nikkie is a professional hair and makeup artist based in Holland. In her Youtube videos she not only holds consumer products up to her professional-quality lighting and camera setup, but she also uses them to create bold and entertaining makeup tutorials. She reviews products, recommending her favorites to her followers. Personally, I don’t consider myself to be a makeup connoisseur. I don’t spend hours in front of the mirror playing with my face. However, I do find myself spending hours watching NikkieTutorials’ videos. Why? Because she is one hell of an entertainer. She is charismatic, engaging, and just plain fun to watch. And guess what. More than once I’ve found myself Googling a product she’s used in a video because she makes them look so darn good. Do I need a blue liquid lipstick? No. Does she make me feel like I need a blue liquid lipstick? You bet.

So what does it take to get your product in the hands of one of these revenue magnets? Money, of course. But think of it as a small investment with an almost guaranteed financial benefit. The advantages of paying a Vlogger to display, review, or even promote your product is well worth it. Vloggers make marketing easy. Once your product is in their hands, you can essentially sit back and relax. It takes very little effort to reach your target audience since these vloggers’ followers watch their videos voluntarily. Additionally, you don’t need to work hard to fabricate a way to fit in with your target group. The vloggers inherently handle that for you by already being active members of the online community.

This new marketing strategy doesn’t stop at Youtube videos. There are a plethora of new, innovative ways to collaborate with vloggers other than getting your product in one of their vlogs. You can get a vlogger to include your brand or product in one of their Snapchat videos, in one of their Instagram posts, on their personal blog, or even on Twitter. As long as the vlogger has a substantial following, your product will be exposed to millions of consumers regardless of the social media platform on which it is presented. In summary: Be smart. Get your product in a vlogger’s hand. Get that hand on camera. Get more sales. It’s that simple.