CPG companies are facing the key challenge of lifting or accelerating their top line performance. Sevendots identifies concrete growth opportunities and makes them happen, fast.

WHERE, WHAT and HOW to grow

We’re all about growing brands.

We help clients identify WHERE to grow, WHAT to grow and HOW to grow.


What are your category growth drivers?


Understanding your category dynamics will ensure the long-term profitability of your business.

Mastering the category will allow you to better invest your resources and develop stronger relationships with your customers. We help our clients identify and scale category growth drivers, allowing them to shape their brand strategies and prioritize supporting activity. We bring them to life both internally and in the world of the customer.


Is your portfolio aligned to it’s category growth drivers?


Aligning your portfolio to the category growth drivers will make it easier to intercept relevant opportunities in the market, optimizing your brand’s performance. We help our clients identify the key innovation opportunities which will support a healthier brand strategy.


Are you achieving your brand’s true penetration?


Brand Penetration is pivotal to long term growth and better profitability.

We help our clients define key strategies to optimize brand penetration, ensuring they support their brand’s growth in a structured way.


Are your innovations capitalising on emerging consumer trends?


Capturing emerging trends early and developing activations for future brand development is crucial. At the same time its important to connect these to the reality of your business. We help clients understand how the environment is evolving, highlighting what is relevant for their business and identifying opportunities that will ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.


Do your innovations leverage the latest technology available to consumers?


Opportunities for long-term innovation can be found where consumer trends meet rapid developments in technology. We make these opportunities come alive, allowing you to bring the business with you in generating growth.


Is your Brand DNA supporting your brand growth?


The DNA of your brand underpins your ambitions, defining the borders of your brand through the way it communicates, innovates and expands. We help clients identify the key elements of their Brand DNA, aligning stakeholders around them and transforming them into a powerful platform for sustainable brand growth.