Cycle of life (2012)

About the artwork:

Emma-Rose’s Illustration is hand drawn and painted before being digitally assembled to retain a tactile quality. The piece is about the cycle of life, love and reproduction. Each element of the sevendots logo provided the inspiration. The flower represents romance, ritual, womanhood and the facilitating of reproduction. The O, symbolises the cycle of life and how the human race just keeps on going.
The look of the piece was intended to feel like a diagram you might find in a book aimed at young children to explain reproduction. There is a certain naivety to this image, giving the of assumption that love and sex go hand in hand and that a child is product of love. ‘When a man and a woman love each other very much’ is a phrase that comes to mind when she thinks of how sex was explained to her at an early age. This illustration also represents a disregard for alternative sexualities in sex education taught to young people.

About the artist:

Emma-Rose Dade is an animator, model maker and photographer specialising in stop motion animation. Her background in fine art and photography has led her to work with tactile materials to realise designs in three-dimensional forms. For her, the bringing to life of inanimate objects is a thrill that does not grow old. Since graduating from UWN, she has worked as a model maker for stop-motion animations and 2D segments for independent short films.