About the artwork

This piece of artwork was inspired by the pandemic and is based on the concept of Sevendots and the situation we have experienced during 2020.

“I wanted to focus on the slogans, ‘purpose is the heart and soul’, ‘Global coverage, greater knowledge’, ‘Where, what and how?’. Omar says.

These are framed as Connection - Community - Virtuality. Leading to reconnect.

About the artist

Omar Alejandro was keen to take up industrial design but after watching a group of people painting in the forest, he joined and this led him to study visual arts in 2015.

Parallel to this, Omar was an apprentice in a bronze sculpture workshop for a year. He attended multiple workshops outside of university in order to reinforce and explore different possibilities of visual language, with an openness in the experimentation of media and processes to generate content.

Omar recently completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts for Plastic Expression in Guadalajara, Mexico and he keeps creating and working as an independent artist. View more of Omar Alejandro`s work here.